Sex and post-prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer surely hampers one’s sexual health. The treatment of prostate cancer seems to be more hazardous as compared to prostate cancer by itself. It has been noticed that men who have been treated for prostate cancer go through a tough time. Though not everybody experiences these problems, most of them were observed to be dissatisfied with their erections in comparison to their past. The results varied from person to person where some had severe troubles while the others had to cope with trivial issues.

Researches also mentioned the fact that the treatment that one opted to overcome this disorder was also crucial in assessing their post-prostate cancer lives. The brachytherapy treatment seems to be recommended ones amongst the others like radiation treatment and surgery. It has also been seen that with time the problem is alleviated. Men have been able to mend their sex life with time after the treatment. Dr. Martin has been reported claiming that it is indeed very difficult to enjoy the same kind of gratification that a person was granted before the disorder.

Age and body weight seems to play a significant role in one overcoming the consequences of this problem. One who is obese has lesser chance of performing on bed actively as compared to the one who is fit. One should however not panic and lose hope when suffering from prostate cancer. Treatment should be done on the priority basis.

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