Learn what type of impotence you may have

Most people that suffer from an erectile dysfunction problem are too embarrassed to confront their fears by going to a specialist. But you must always remember that the first step in solving your problem is to admit you have a problem. In the past few decades, men, regardless of their age or race, have confronted very often with such disturbing problems. There is no shame in wanting to have a better sexual life. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate to consult a specialist and do something about it. He is the only one competent enough to give treatment and advice.

The most common types of impotence are:


This type often occurs when a man’s veins of the penis don’t receive enough blood and he can’t have a hard erection. Put in other words, little or even no blood is allowed cu circulate through the veins. This is the most common type. Over 50% of all impotence situations are caused by the venogenic case. Studies show some men are born with this problem and never experienced a hard erection, while in other cases impotence develops after years of sexual activity.


About half on the men that suffer from diabetes also have erectile dysfunction. Every month, a man who is impotent because he has diabetics must seek treatment. The attending doctor draws blood to do either a test known as HBA1C, or another called fructosamine. The purpose of these tests is to see if the HBA1C is bigger than the tolerable result. If it isn’t, the doctor has to change the patient’s diet and medicine.


This type is directly related to the nerve supply of the penis. A man’s penis is formed of very delicate tissue, tissue that is also a great conduction of impulses. Injuries, perennial or pelvic trauma are the most known cases when the nerve supply of the penis is damaged.


This type is related to a psychological factor.


This type usually occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the penis are damaged. You can’t have an erection if the arteries don’t function properly and can’t bring the necessary amount of blood to the penis. In the most common cases, this type is presented in diabetics, elderly person, and other people that have a condition related to high blood pressure. Also, the arteriogenic type of impotence is very common if you’re a bicycle rider. Friction in the artery region causes a clotting substance to appear in the arteries.


An imbalance of estrogen and testosterone is the main cause for this type. Not a lot of people suffer from it; according to the studies, only about 5% of the men with erectile dysfunctions have problems at a hormonal level. This condition primarily affects the libido, not the quality of the erection.