Forzest 20mg

Forzest 20mg is a tablet which can be taken orally and it is indicated for men who suffer from erection problems. This medication was tested and it proved to be very successful. It can be used instead of other tablets based on Sildenafil Citrate, like Zenegra, Kamagra, and Caverta etc.

This medication acts very quickly, in half an hour and it can last for a long time, about 36 hours, therefore you have the time necessary to get synchronized with your partner’s time. It is recommended to take it in the morning so that you may make love to your partner that day, or that evening or the next day.

Forzest is useful even in the case of very serious erection problems.

How to take Forzest 20mg

You can take it when you feel it is necessary during 24 hours, once a day, even if it is recommended to take it in the morning. However, you can take a pill half an hour before making love.

Forzest side effects

Like any other medication, Forzest 20mg can cause some side effects. They are usually mild and they don’t last for more than a few hours. Some of these side effects appear more probably when higher doses are taken. The most frequent side effects are headaches, red stains on your face, stomach dysfunction.

How to storage Forzest

Forzest is not a medication which should be left where children can find it. You must keep it in the original package at the normal temperature of your environment.

Other information

This Forzest 20mg is efficient only if a man is stimulated and he decides to have sex. It was launched in 2003 and since then a lot of men, especially older ones are happy and grateful to us because their problems related to sex are solved.

You can take Forzest before a meal. It has the function to intensify the blood circulation to your penis, therefore maintaining your erection while you are sexually stimulated.

Some advantages of this medication are:

- quicker recharges

- increase sex drive

- increase resistance and stamina

- sexual performance

- harder and fuller erection