An Effective Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction Besides Viagra: Look out for Inhalable Viagra !

To add to the list of the effective drugs available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, namely Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, another medicine known by the medical name VR004 is fast emerging as a potential cure of erectile dysfunction. Regarding this new medication, it is also being reported that the drug has shown clinically successful results in treating erectile dysfunction in men. But is it a proper remedy for male impotency? Let’s straighten out the facts by considering the details associated with the drug one by one.

The tremendous jubilation generated among the erectile dysfunction patients when the first oral pill to treat erectile dysfunction, Viagra proved a super success in curing impotency, was indeed an eye opener to the imaginable extent Viagra has bettered the lives of erectile dysfunction patients around the world. The record of Viagra in successfully treating erectile dysfunction patients has never been broken and there is also no sign that in the near future a particular medicine would be able to surpass Viagra effects.

As far as the statistical records relating to the clinical effectiveness of the new drug VR004 is concerned, the result displays that 83 per cent erectile dysfunction afflicted people from among the 600 tested have been considerably relieved from the grip of the disorder on account of which the drug predicts a promising future.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction through an inhalable drug is an absolutely new concept and if the new medication VR004, manufactured by the British biotechnology company, Vectura succeeds to cure impotency in a large scale across the world it would be a stupendous achievement for the pharmaceutical company. Dr Chris Blackwell, chief executive of Vectura, pronounces that the medicine is emerging as a fast and emerging form of erectile dysfunction treatment but the lager influence of the medication in treating impotency throughout the world is yet to be observed.

Significantly, a whole array of erectile dysfunction treatments is available in the market but all the available methods to treat impotency have not so far proved adequate to suit the purpose. And with most of the procedures to cure impotency such as psychological therapy, vacuum devices and other forms of cure coming a cropper in treating erectile dysfunction, only Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other drugs are left out as effective measures to deal with the menace of erectile dysfunction. So, similar to the FDA approval received by Viagra, if the inhalable medicine is approved by some renowned drug authority, it would be a considerable help for the medicine to emerge as a wholesome cure of impotency.

While waiting for the definitive moment when the medicine would be regarded as a officially approved treatment of male erectile dysfunction, you are undoubtedly putting your patience to test, but it is not entirely impossible that the drug would not be regarded as a noteworthy remedy for erectile dysfunction in the near future. So, till then, what to do? Just wait and watch!